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CurbedWire: Art!

[Cube; 2007, generative portrait. Image courtesy Lincoln Schatz]

Today was a fairly major day for the state of public art: As we reported earlier, 177 Townsend received an, er ... face lift of sorts, one that we'll be sure to hear about for a good, long while. We also caught wind that Passage, the former Burning Man accoutrement by Dan DasMann and Karen Cusolito situated at Pier 14 for many, many months made a grand exit last week. Also on line for you architecture/ design/ techie types: Craig Newmark and an assortment of other local luminaries will be sitting for digital portraits as part of Cube, a project by artist Lincoln Schatz on view now at Catharine Clark Gallery. In this ongoing project, subjects spend an hour inside of a 10' x 10' plexiglass cube while cameras and computers capture their movements in one long, fluid portrait. Unlike 177 Townsend, this one's a must see. [CurbedWire Inbox]