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Dwell House Preview: Silver Lake Twins in LA

Dwell's latest trophy pre-fabs, the Silver Lake Twins, were designed by New York-based Resolution:4 Architecture and manufactured by Empyrean. Though not quite yet on the market, the Silver Lake Twins should arrive on the scene within the week— in theory, that is. The Twins have yet to be built; the sale of both properties is a "land plus plans" deal, meaning that buyers will own the land only, including the rights to contract with Empyrean and Res:4 to finish the design and construction of their dream Dwell home.

3422 Fernwood Avenue is the Alpha house: Listed at $349,000, this 7,362 square foot is slated to hold a 2,600 square foot, 3 bedroom, 3 bath home. Larger lot, larger home. Another 3 bedroom, 3 bath home is proposed for 3426 Fernwood Avenue, though at a smaller 2,200 square feet. $337,000 brings this one (half way) home. Both homes are located in Los Angeles, remember. But no matter: in renderings as romantical as these, the Twins may as well be perched at the edge of Hokusai's Mount Fiji. Or Diamond Heights? Here's the lot of them, served up to clear your morning fog.

[aerial view]

[single home renderings]

[Interior— note: see floor plans here.]

· Resolution:4 Architecture [website]
· Empyrean [website]

[Thanks to Brian Linder and The Value of Architecture for the preview!]