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Fair Trade, San Francisco Style: Yacht for House?

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A very common story we're hearing from our agent friends these days is that even as the bulk of the market is under pressure, the high-end stuff continues to do well in several measures. Consider, now, an offer on Craigslist to trade a yacht (partial or outright) for a house or flat in the Marina/Cow Hollow or Pacific Heights . Sounds crazy? Maybe not so much . . . see, yachts are bucking the trends too. The bigger, the pricier, the hotter— there are even yacht waiting lists.

The stats: 80 foot long (which technically makes it a 'megayacht'), 4 beds, 4 baths, built in 1993, refitted in 2003. Appraised/insured at $2.4M(!) . Slip fees: $1,350 per month. While there are a few properties of that approximate value listed on MLS at the moment in your desired areas, sir, maybe you want to stay put— that boat seems pretty roomy! Is it just a desire to live in a permanent, non-moving structure? Well, okay: we suggest you go with Pac Heights. Because that boat may be on firmer ground when docked than your new house in the Marina (see: Loma Prieta).
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[Image courtesy the CL advert; face drowned Dom Perignon to protect the jetsetteratti]