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Peace, Love, and Happiness: Honeydoo Hearts Itself, North Beach

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As we know, Curbed SF watches over the neighborhoods and Eater SF, the restaurants— sometimes those ships cross more easily than others. See our recent posts on Honeydoo, a seemingly innocuous frozen yogurt whose impending opening has (unbelievably enough) presented an occasion for North Beach neighbors to express their hatred for one another concern for the health of small businesses. The North Beach Chamber of Commerce and North Beach Neighbors have gathered in one corner, ready to face off against Telegraph Hill Dwellers, another neighborhood association that remain staunchly opposed to any influx of so-called "chain" businesses whatsoever. The Telegraph Hill Dwellers had better wrap their knuckles tightly, pull on the gloves and pop in the mouth piece, as Honeydoo stepped into the ring with the following statement (Cue Michael Jackson's "Heal the World"):

"We are not a franchise or a chain. We have but one location at 1400 Grant Avenue San Francisco, CA 94133, and one that is at center stage, embroiled in wasteful political posturing and commotion. We are not politicos and most certainly not gladiators or warriors: We are sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, and friends and neighbors who subscribe to peaceful living and healthy lifestyles. We are a yogurt shop, catering to Life – Love – Yogurt™." Now how could the 'hood gang up on such a snuggly group of pacifists? These kids just want to spread the yogurt love, not punch, kick, spear, or pummel other businesses. They're serving frozen yogurt, for the love of man.
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[Ed. note, 10/27— Correction: In by far the most kindly phrased request that we have yet received, Honeydoo asked us to inform our readers that they are not a retail chain (as we had correctly mis-characterized them above; the post has since been amended.) A chain or "formula" retail store, is defined as "any retail sales establishment with 11 or more stores in the United States that maintains two or more standardized features, including decor, facade, color scheme, uniforms, signage or a trademark." Goes to show how easy it is to assume that a storefront sporting a trademarked logo falls in line with "The Man." We hope that our carelessness hasn't caused harm to this fledgling business— We love sweet, frozen things.]