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Halloween Special: Critical Mass Rides Tonight

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Continuing to fulfill our civic duty of informing our readers of any and all planning or neighborhood-related goings-on, we humbly deliver the following: Critical Mass, the monthly orgy convergence of bicycle enthusiasts will storm the streets ride through the city tonight in a special Halloween edition of the event. Oh wait— we forgot that Gavin Newsom joined the Jehovah's Witnesses and abolished Halloween for everyone, regardless of their creed. (Note that Gav will not be participating in the 5 p.m. Halloween debate in Harvey Milk Plaza— conserving his energies for the ride, no doubt.) City be damned, merry revelers should suit up and meet at the Critical Mass club house, Justin Herman Plaza, at 6 p.m. this evening. Motorists, no projectiles allowed— except for candy corn and Mars bars, of course.

[Elliiiioooott ... Image courtesy Flickr user Steve Rhodes]