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Eater Tastings: Death Watch,

Here we present a late edition of Eater Tastings, the weekly swap meet between Eater SF and Curbed SF after which we share our loot with you, dear readers.

1) Introducing "Deathwatch," a speculative feature wherein Eater SF provides a comfortable resting place for restaurants as they die slow, cruel deaths. Feel a sneaking suspicion that a joint's about to close? Put it on watch.

2) The ubiquitous Michelin guide for San Francisco Bay Area & Wine Country dropped like manna from heaven earlier in the week. The French Laundry remained at the head of the pack; everyone else fell obediently in line.

3) Forget about floor plan porn: Eater SF has taken it up a notch with Patio Porn, introducing the 3,000 square foot vista-in-progress (overlooking the Bay Bridge, natch) at La Mar Cebicheria Peruana, the first American venture by Peruvian celebrity chef Gaston Acurio. Also noted: Mint Plaza's offers sweeping views of ... an alleyway.