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CurbedWire: Case Closed at La Casa Verde

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AROUND CURBED SF—We need a bottle of red. Or six. Hell first broke loose last week when we ran a reader tip concerning the sale of the Sunset Idea House. After receiving an explanatory note of sorts from owner/contractor Robin Wilson, we cut-and-pasted once more— it's even easier than Photoshop! Reader response indicated a palpable interest; as we looked in to the matter further new details emerged, some of which were arguably unflattering to La Casa Verde and The Gang. Bottom line: Believe it or not, we do not hold a vendetta against La Casa (or anyone/ thing else for that matter— remember: this is Curbed SF 2.0. We haven't been around long enough to meet everyone, let alone hate on them). We have not fabricated lies about the Sunset Idea House. Thus we felt compelled to separate possible fiction (gossip, reader tips) from definite fact (public court records). See, even bloggers grow tired of being cussed out.