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The Catch: Gridlocked on O'Farrell Street

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The Catch takes a look at listings where everything looks good except ... Nominees to the tipline, please.

What/Where: 2025 O'Farrell Street, Unit 4, near Scott Street.

Looks Good, Right?: 1 bed, 1 bath Edwardian TIC; seems really cute; bright, nice windows, great (gentrified) neighborhood, close to fine food and nightlife. Oooh— and it has an intercom system. Right near the 38 Geary for an easy (if grungy) downtown commute. Candidate for entry point into ownership at $399k asking. Last sold in Aug. 2005 for $375,000.

The Catch: With Geary and Divisadero Streets both so close, there's bound to be traffic any time you want to get anywhere, which can be especially frustrating if you're reliant on public transport. Not to mention a dependence on the rather infrequent no. 24 bus to go north/south. The pitch that "street parking is often available," accordingly, also strikes us as quite delusional optimistic. If you have some patience when it comes to transpo issues, it could well be worth checking out at Sunday's open house.
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