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Sheltered: Visions of Post-Disaster Housing

Going south for a moment, the morning edition of the LA Times reports 881,500 evacuees from fires that have ravaged 1,155 homes at present count. In stark contrast to the post-disaster scene in New Orleans, Qualcomm Stadium is being touted as "the Ritz" of shelters, with "more food than can be eaten," counseling services— the works. (Interesting spin there, no?) Question: What to do about housing once the fires die down? Just in the nick of time, Wired magazine has posted an online feature on safe, portable, and quickly/ easily-installed disaster relief shelters. Pictured above is the InterShelter, a family sized fiberglass composite dome conceived in 1993 by housing activist Ted Hayes and architect Craig Chamberlain. The InterShelter was actually designed for Dome Village, an alternative shelter in Los Angeles. Time for a resurrection? Worthy of consideration, for sure.
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