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On the Market: Sunset Idea House Update

[Image courtesy Socket Site]

We just received this update from Robin Wilson, owner of the Sunset Idea House in reference to last week's post wherein we simply reprinted a reader tip, verbatim. Quoth Ms. Williams:

"I am the owner of La Casa Verde and I am the most reliable source regarding my house. I would like to ask you to not post things like I am selling my house for 4 million. The first time I heard about it was when my daughter came home from school and said that someone told her they read it online. It is just not true and it is upsetting my daughter that she has to hear that she can’t move back home. There are many other lies about me and my home on your site and socketsite that are complete bullshit but I don’t really care. I mainly care when you lie about me losing my home and my daughter gets traumatized over it. And FYI: the house is almost finished, we have been moving furniture in, Sunset knew from the beginning I was selling the smaller unit and had many conversations with me and my realtor regarding it before we listed it, we never “broke up,” there is not going to be any re-billing from vendors (can’t even imagine where you got that), the buyer can move in and the stairs in the main house fit perfectly.

What the hell? Who makes this shit up? It’s one thing when people post bullshit but it is another thing when you try to start dialogue based on lies." —Robin Wilson

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