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Safe and Sound— no, really: Emergency Seismic Work on Golden Gate Bridge.

"The [Golden Gate] bridge is safe" . . . "But part of the bridge could get beat up in a big earthquake." Feeling good about that, San Francisco? Denis Mulligan, the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway, and Transportation District's chief engineer, was quick to calm his public following the temporary emergency repair work made on the north viaduct of the bridge over the past month. Faulty seismic work: straightened. Cost: up to $3 million in a project that will cross the finish line at $455m once complete. (Seeking sweet revenge, the district has filed suit against TY Lin International/Imbsen and Association Inc. Joint Venture for a failed first attempt on the work, which contained "numerous errors and omissions.") Now we know why the bridge district wants to hawk Pepsi and Hooters. Financial aid!
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Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA