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North Side Story: North Beach Nabes Vs. Telegraph Hill Dwellers

Strap on your shanks, North Beach: We understand that there's an alley brawl brewing in the nabe over— what else?— frozen yogurt. A while back, juvenile delinquent Eater SF fingered the North Beach Neighborhood Association as the plaintiff in a case against Honeydoo, the absolutely crucial, yet still-unopened fro-yo outlet. "Oh hell no," says the NBNA in a stern correction fresh from the inbox:

"Stopping legitimate businesses from opening is NOT our thing. The neighborhood organization that has been obstructing the opening of Honeydoo is the Telegraph Hill Dwellers (THD). The political arm of THD is directly tied to Board of Supervisors President Aaron Peskin. Please clarify your text of 10-07-07 so future readers don't get the misconception that North Beach Neighbors has fallen victim to the dark force."Post: appended. As you may well imagine, we're thrilled by neighborhood crusades (and peace summits, too). Want to launch an online inquisition of your very own? Contact your local munitions dealer. · Fro-Yo Wars: North Beach Neighbors Clarify Yogurt Love [Eater SF]
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