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Captain Planet Moving To San Francisco: Photovolta-riffic!

Yesterday we saw on the wires that Suntech Power Holdings is the latest among those (Wikipedia, Google, etc) that have announced an office move or expansion to San Francisco. How could we have known the true weight of such a move? The company's Chair/CEO Dr. Shi Zhengrong was today named one of TIME Magazine's "Heroes of the Environment"!

True, this guy's life is pretty amazing: he went from being given up for adoption by destitute parents to being a Ph.d. billionaire that constantly lobbies the Chinese government on environmental issues. He gives San Francisco props— he's "impressed by the awareness of climate change issues, the quality and sophistication of the customers and partners and the high level of talent within the [Bay Area]."Suntech makes and markets solar products with an eye on the environment. It's completed two local projects of note: a solar system SFO's Terminal 3 and "a glass-on-glass building integrated photovoltaic solar system at the California Academy of Science." Yeah, we'll say it: Dr. Shi Zhengrong is "Greener Than Thou" (and us, too).
· Suntech Opens U.S. Headquarters in San Francisco [PR Newswire via Yahoo]
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[Dr. Shi Zhengrong; Image courtesy Philip Gostelow for Time Magazine]