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CurbedWire: Sunset Over San Francisco

[Robin Wilson of Meridian Builders; Still of an online video feature on the company, "Finding a Niche and Bringing Subcontractors on Staff," courtesy All Business.]

MISSION DISTRICT—We received word from Meridian Building General Contractor and La Casa Verde (Sunset Idea House) owner Robin Wilson, who responded to an anonymous reader tip we ran earlier in the week. And the readers went wild. . . Comment of the day: Is there room in the owners unit to install a MEDITATION ZEN GARDEN because she obviously needs one. That bad attitude will get her blacklisted at La Palma Grocery! Hey now— wait until we all build our very own casas. Then we'll understand.

DOWN SOUTH—National states of emergency, disaster zones, FEMA, stadium dwelling. . . it's been a rough go in SoCal for the past few days. Our sister blog Curbed LA has kept us on point (while, to her credit, monitoring non fire-related goings on, too). We took a look at some alternative post-disaster shelters, while Senator Diane Feinstein suggested folks simply vacate fire-prone premises. See, it's that simple.