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Longer Lines For 18th St. Foodies? Chelsea Park Move-In Pending

Chelsea Park— a slated 39 condo complex (mostly 1 bed, 1 bath, but as large as 3 bed, 2 bath) on 29 Oakwood St., right near Dolores Park, has been in the works for more than 12 years. Sales haven't started yet, but it seems units will initially ask for between $680,000-$1,100,000. Mark Bucciarelli of Baukunst was "Architect of Record" as of 2003 for the four-building complex and "pocket park." The move-in schedule is late December/early January for the first (20 unit) phase. Accordingly, we imagine the sales folks are about to get moving; it may not be so easy to fill 20 spots in just a couple months, as desirable as the 'hood is.

Insiders indicate that the long process was tied to "a ton of opposition from neighbors and the rental community" in the Mission Dolores neighborhood. Patience may well prove to be a virtue for the projects' current owners, who've been involved for about five years. Patience of neighborhood foodies, however, may be tested, as the lines Tartine, Bi-Rite, Delfina, etc. become further bloated. The complex is pitching a sort of "hassle free" San Francisco living experience, with everything right outside your door, plus some deeded outdoor space and a parking spot. Which we imagine certainly has appeal to a certain crowd— whom we'll warn to keep their hands off our strawberry balsamic ice cream.
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