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East Bay Envy: Jack London Market Underway

Following yesterday's groundbreaking pomp and circumstance, Howard S. Wright Construction Co. has begun building Jack London Market, the West Coast's largest market-to-be; at 1.8 million square feet, the complex will lay waste to Seattle's Pike Place Market and Vancouver's Granville Island Public Market. Market or mega mall? Restaurants, a demo kitchen, office space and, of course, the market itself will occupy six stories, to the tune of $400M. We'll be curious to see how this one plays out on the community front, given the recent and ongoing hoopla surrounding development and gentrification in the area. Now before we begin to envy the other side, let's remind ourselves that Jack London Square did gift us the soon-to-open Yoshi's 2.0. We call that a fair trade.
· Developers break ground on 170,000-square-foot Jack London Market [East Bay Business Times]
· Howard S. Wright Construction Co. [website]

Plan for Jack London Market courtesy Howard S. Wright Construction Co.