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Shhhh! Mission Bay Opposes UCSF Helipad, Noise

Mission Bay residents are downright pissed over the planned construction of a helipad atop the new UCSF hospital— in 2014, that is. A "'copter drill" of sorts was performed on Saturday, with the noise level measured at 80 decibels, about that of a dump truck (or, as one resident described it, a vacuum cleaner.) Though San Francisco General Hospital will also score a crash pad in the future, at the moment no San Francisco hospital is able to accommodate co-called "life flighs" (they instead land in Oakland or at Stanford. Convenient!) No doubt to placate local residents, city officials are conducting environmental impact studies and issuing promises regarding the frequency of landings (because life-threatening events are totally predictable.) We know that we would like the damn helicopter to have a place to land should we be critically injured. Others, however, feel OK about entrusting their lives to paper airplanes, butterflies, hot air balloons, and angel's wings— whatever makes the least noise.
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