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People In Your Neighborhood: Mission's Own, Omer

We usually focus on buildings, but . . . While we're trolling around the Mission, Curbed SF would like to award a purple heart to the SFBG's Justin Juul, who has delivered unto us a private lunchtime audience with Omer, arguably the neighborhood's most notorious street performer. This White Snake has been rocking out with his c**k out since 1961, and may be found brandishing his (unplugged) electric guitar along Valencia Street— between 19th and 21st Streets, roughly— on any given day. Juul managed to tame Omar long enough to answer a few questions. Behold:

. . . SFBG: And you’re still entertaining people, man. That’s cool. You’ve entertained me a few times. Actually, you kind of scared the shit out of me.
Omer: Oh fuck yeah! Ha ha ha! I scare those mother fuckers and then they give me money. Let me tell you something, Jack. You’re gonna die in a ring of fire, Jack, just like little June Bug who wrote this song. . .
After last week's introduction to one of Noe Valley's most upstanding citizens, it seems like we're beginning a collection here. Have a nomination? You know where to drop the ballot.
· Britney + Darfur = Johnny Cash [SFBG San Francisco blog]