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A Bridge Too Close: 38 Bryant St. No 501

Earlier today, we mentioned a property with a slogan involving "hassle free San Francisco." 38 Bryant St. No 501 takes that to the next level. Major roads, decent eats, public transit, the ballpark, the water, the Ferry Building . . . . The pitch that it's close to everything isn't thatmuch of an exaggeration, particularly if you are a downtown finance worker-bee type. The "sleeping alcove" may even remind you a little bit of your cubicle.

A condo in a contemporary building constructed in 1997, unit 501 is a one bed, one bath with sweet views, and 74 neighboring units. It's looking to be sold for $599,000. Strangely, one of our resources puts the square footage at a worrisome 666; MLS says 700. If we give MLS the benefit of the doubt, $/sq. foot is $856— not cheap. HOA dues come to $350. It was last sold in 2003 for $400k. Having the bridge and roads leading to it so close has some repercussions— traffic and noise, naturally. But it's nice to be so close to getting the hell out of Dodge (or at least over to Ikea or one of the fine establishments on Solano)— and the unit does come with one parking space. Just be sure to visit the place during rush hour (perhaps this Thursday's 5-7pm "'Twilight' Wine and Cheese Open house"), so you can double-check the soundproofing.
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