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Screw Socialism: Alice Waters Heads for The Hills

We suppose it was just a matter of time before Alice Waters stuck her mitts in a honey pot of high-end real estate. World-weary Waters is packing away her heat and abandoning inner-city school kitchens for her very own culinary institute built near the Ameya Preserve, a new gated community in Montana that claims itself as a harbinger of green living. (The compound boasts a garden, er . . . local farm tended to by "resident farmers" or, as they're called in the old country, indentured servants.) Alice has even lent her name to the shill, and it's a hard one at that: The— brace— 2007 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book promises a dinner cooked by Waters herself to buyers who purchase a 10-acre, $2.3M plot on the reserve. At $2.3M, that dinner better be damn well on par with the Last Supper.

The locals are restless, launching the sorts of attacks one would expect from a more humble community about to be run down by the swells. Eater SF begs the question: Is there anything less "Chez Panissey" than a celebrity chef specially cooking a meal for someone who buys a $2.3 million estate in a town of $150,000 homes?
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