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900 Bush #807: A Slip Of The Fingers, A Property Lingers

Wow, a "price reduction" — only $6,250,000 for a 925 sq. ft, one bed, two bath condo in a high rise. Not so fast— it's just a sleight of hand. 900 Bush St No. 807 was originally $659,000, so we can only assume this craigslist ad means it's been taken down to $625k. It's been on the market for about 6 months, so the almost 850% increase is surely an error. Gotta watch those extra zeros, folks. And while we're at it, WHY USE ALL CAPS? IS IT A CRAIGLIST THING? (Granted, perhaps bloggers shouldn't be throwing accuracy stones, but we're not asking for hundreds of thousands of your dollars, either . . .)
· 900 Bush No. 807 [MLS]