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Adventures in Urban Blight: Dolores Street Den of Iniquity

Oh hark, whatever do we have here? "YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED THAT IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO REMOVE GRAFFITI FROM SAID PROPERTY," writes the Department of Public Works in this fetching note, which caught our attention yesterday while ambling down Dolores Street en route to (insert preciously overpriced grocery store / restaurant/ patisserie here). We always wonder how this home— and the empty trailer park lot next to it— stay in business around these stroller-pushing parts. It turns out that 200-208 Dolores Street, a.k.a. "the perp," has a long and troubled relationship with its neighbors. A quick search yielded the following complaints: Structural instability. (2002; case closed the following day: "building is secure." Right.) Homeless shelter in basement. (2002; case left open.) "Iron business" operating from basement. (2003; case gone to seed, again.) "Premises are not secured . . . attracting nuisance." (2007; dragged on from January to June, when the site was deemed "secure" by city inspectors.) Neighbors, at this point in the post, do you really need an invitation to unleash your contempt? Who placed the call to the city this time around?