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Tenancy in Caution? 545 Ashbury St. Nos 1-5

When listings don't include standard info it's worrisome. 545 Ashbury St. is a 5-unit TIC in the Haight that appears quite nice— just ask Jefferson Airplane or similar to pose out front and maybe it's postcard worthy.There are five units, four of which are active on MLS (one's active-contingent). None have square footage listings. We've gleaned that the building itself is about 4,100 sq. feet total, but the agent isn't listing the individual breakdowns. Four units are 1 bedrooms; one is a 2 bedroom. Any way you slice it, that's pretty small square footage per. Can low space be a negative? Of course. But not providing specificity from the get-go is only going to scare people away. Or piss them off.

Accentuate the positive. Does the layout make up for the small space? No clue. But the proximity to Golden Gate Park and some good record stores and bars is a selling point, as is that pretty exterior. Remodeled kitchens also sound good to us. The leased parking fee of $140/mo. could certainly be worse. A relatively affordable (caveat: for S.F.) entry point at asking prices ranging from $419k-629k (highest for the 2-bed, obviously) could bring in some foot traffic. Not to mention that "fractional loans" are a possibility, which is somewhat advantageous [see comment below].
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Image courtesy MLS