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CurbedWire: Burning, Cracking ... It's All Going Down

[Space Magic Mountain up in smoke]

TENDERLOIN—So that's what we walked through while shooting pictures in the 'loin last week! (No joke.) One hundred and three people have felt a different kind of burn over the past week in the Tenderloin, as all the king's men delivered a pre-election crackdown on open air drug trafficking that resulted in just as many arrests. We can attest: SFPD officers make very convincing crack dealers. Go figure. [SF Gate]

NORTH BEACH—Officer Smiley also made an appearance today in a Chron article no doubt designed to counteract the public image of this past week's "crack down on crack" spectacle. In this feel-good interpretation of law enforcement, the po actually gives his perp $10. "Go get something to eat." Maybe the folks in the Tenderloin missed out because Original Joe's caught fire? Right! [SF Gate]

CURBED LA—Quick re-direct to our southern belle Curbed LA, who's been stop, drop, and rolling all day.
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Image courtesy Curbed LA via Flickr/rmoritz