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A+, Blue Ribbon, Bravo: North Beach is Top Ten in U.S.

Lots of rankings and statistics here on today's Curbed SF... Noe Valley may be the most searched neighborhood in terms of the RE internets, but as the Chron's urban master blaster John King reports, the American Planning Association has named North Beach as one of the "10 Great Neighborhoods in America." Can't say we disagree, really. Where else in the city can you savor dim sum to die for, cuss out the man who thinks you can't understand the Italian word for "ass," behold a reading by Lawrence Ferlinghetti, score a lap dance, and marvel at Francis Ford Coppola's (allegedly piss-stained) Sentinel Building? Notice the lack of chain stores? (Save Larry Flynt's Hustler Club, though he has magically been forgiven of such transgressions.) Gushes our hair product abusing leader: "Thanks to the efforts of our planners and engaged residents, North Beach continues to reflect the personalities of the many people who have lived or worked here for the past 100 years." One hundred years? Someone forgot to mention the Barbary Coast!
· North Beach declared one of 10 best U.S. neighborhoods [SF Gate]

Klassy! Inside Larry Flint's Hustler Club; Image courtesy