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Missile Base Getaway: Not in SF, But It Should Be

Washington State—Looking for a quiet weekend place and hate fussy window treatments? Have we got the retreat for you, and it's more secluded than anything you'll find in Mendocino or Sonoma. Somewhere west of Spokane, WA, near Moses Lake, a Titan 1 missile base awaits your special touch. The sixteen underground buildings include three missile silos and two antenna silos, plus a cozy 100' diameter Control Dome. Assorted miscellaneous above-ground structures. Fifty-seven fenced and double-gated acres. Room for a pool. Plant a few Cabernet vines and get farm tax credits to boot! A steal at $1.5M—on Ebay, no less! Let's see you find one of these in Noe Valley for under $3M! No open house to be had, sadly.
· Titan Missile Base Central Washington [Ebay]
· Titan 1 Missile Base [The Missile Base]

Images courtesy Ebay seller Bari1001