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On the Market: North Beach's Malt House Condos

[North Beach Malt House; Image courtesy SF MLS]

As we announced earlier in the day, San Francisco's North Beach was declared one of the "10 Great Neighborhoods in America" due in large part to its "authentic character"— how it has maintained its roots and identity. Take the North Beach Malt House (445 Francisco St.), for instance. About 140 years ago, it sheltered a number of family-owned brewers and malt sellers. It was later renovated under one company, almost destroyed in the '06 quake, again renovated, and thereafter supplied malt to Bay Area brewing concerns from 1908 into the 1960s. It remained a grain supplier until 1981, when it was declared a historic landmark.

In 2001, construction began on three new buildings around the original, each created with the intention of capturing and maintaining the same industrial feel. The landmark itself was revamped as well—now all four buildings are multi-unit residential properties. There are currently at least three chances to live a little history—although, as said in the APA's description of the area, "affordability—both residential and commercial— remains an issue in North Beach." Need proof? Check out the HOA dues below.

[445 Francisco St. #101; Image courtesy the SF MLS]

Location: 445 Francisco St. #101 (in the original building!)
Size:1,282 square feet
Price/Price per sq. foot: $701.25
HOA dues: $563.71
Pitch:"Stylish 2-BDRM, 2-BA condo/loft in the historic Malt House."
· 445 Francisco Street, Ste. 1 [MLS]

[411 Francisco St. #F106; Image courtesy SF MLS]

Location: 411 Francisco St #F106
Price: $899,000
Size: 1,265 sq. ft.
Price/Price per sq. foot: $710.67
HOA: $562.10
Pitch: "Large windows produce a light/airy openness throughout the unit. The Malt House fountain in the courtyard provides a serene common area for all residents."
· 411 Francisco St #F106 [MLS]

[530 Chestnut St. #C310; Image courtesy SF MLS]

Location: 530 Chestnut St. #C310
Price: $879,000
Size: 1,130 sq. ft.
HOA: $539.50
Price/Price per sq. foot: $777.88
Pitch: "Best of the Malt House! Rarely available 2-BDRM, 2-BA courtyard condo feels like an oasis in the heart of North Beach!"
· 530 Chestnut St #C310 [MLS]