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No on Prop H: Protesters Refuse to Mind the Gap

Gap founder Don Fisher supports the arts, right? And we know that he's a lover of CAMP. So we're wondering how he (and the countless tourists queuing up for the cable cars, for that matter) felt about yesterday's performance/ protest outside of the Gap, on Post Street. Costumes, placards, a rented Hummer— community theater, San Francisco style. The backlog, for those of you who aren't keeping up with the times: Expanding his repertoire beyond museum buying building and in to the graphic design field, Fisher's camp hired a minion to bungle their way through the Photoshop. End product? The now-infamous anti-Prop A mailer-cum-blitzkrieg that was dropped via helicopter shipped off to San Franciscans last week, arriving in their mailboxes alongside other junk mail and, coincidentally, absentee ballots. Some lone soul out there supports Prop H, surely. But we're going to go ahead and assert that most of us, including the San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association (SPUR) remain convinced that it will jack up city planning to the Nth degree. Don, don't you have some other colonial projects to attend to in the Presidio?
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Image courtesy Flickr user Calitics