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Storefronting: Marina Apple Store Developmentally Delayed?

It was nearly a month ago that we first visited the Apple store-in-progress at 2125 Chestnut Street, in the Marina. What has changed since? As yesterday's site visit confirmed, not much. After slipping stealthily through the entrance to get a closer look, we had a run-in with the construction foreman (who has serious close talking problem, by the way). We were promptly booted, but not before snapping the above pic, which is admittedly a bit blurry. Our eyes, however, are not and thus we declare: Though much more messy than our last visit when crews were still carting materials in to the space, very little has changed between now and then. Plastered in aluminum insulation, the 40' x 90' cavern still looks like Warhol's factory— no displays, finishes, iPhones or any other evidence of near-completion in sight. We stand firm by our initial assessment: Apple's building permit expires December 13th, and we'll be surprised at this point if it opens before X-mess.
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