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That's Rather Hideous: Parkside Photoshopper Strikes Again

Every once in a while, we come across a listing that makes us wonder "does this person actually want to rent/sell their place?" That's Rather Hideous (evil twin of the angelic "That's Rather Lovely") delivers a smack upside the head— gotta be cruel to be kind, right?

Writes this prospective landlord (emphasis ours):
WHOA! Look at all the cool glass beads!! Sorry, those are simply photoshop effects to mask out things that don't come with the flat. VERY cool looking though, no? The owner isn't included in the rental price? Really? All bets: off. These folks apparently were off in Super Mario land our first day on the job, when we delivered an initial dressing-down of this flat. Thus we repeat: Initialize your hard drive, owners, and do not re-install Photoshop.
· $2185 / 2br -++PHOTO TOUR++ Cute flat in nice bldg, good area, pets OK, satTV & DSL (Craigslist)
· That's Rather Hideous: Parkside Photoshopper [Curbed SF]