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Price Chopper: 590 Lisbon Street

When we brought 590 Lisbon St. to your attention a little while ago, we asked "Is the location too far out there?" We guess so— the price on the property, which seems quite fetching, has dropped by $50k to $729k. That's about 6.5%, and makes what we thought a decent possibility for a first-time buyer (young DINKs, perhaps) even more palatable.

The property last sold in 2003 for $590k. The 2,500 sq. ft lot includes a garden; the house is a 1,310 sq. ft, two-level property. $556 per square foot. The views are lovely. We'd think it's about a half-hour commute to downtownfrom this Excelsior property on public transportation (if MUNI is in a good mood, that is). One industry professional we spoke with believes that during the summer this place would have been snatched up quickly. C'mon— is the Excelsior so bad? Or is there something we're not seeing here?
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