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55 Uranus Terrace: Totally Jokeproof

Boy, 55 Uranus Terrace's loveliness sure closes the door on the obvious potty humor possibilities in the street's name. In fact, the funniest thing about this place is how the selling agent describes it as "a dog-walk away from both Corona Heights Park and Buena Vista Park." What the hell does that mean?

Semantic differences between a "dog-walk" and a "walk-walk" aside, this 1905-built wood frame is 2,098 sq. ft. big and rests on 3,014 sq ft lot. The 2006 assessed valuation was $358,803, which means it's been off the market for a hell of a long time (thank you, Prop 13!); another victory for the city when this dwelling changes hands. The asking price is $1,345,000, a pretty penny even considering that's reasonable (contextually) at $641 per foot squared. The views from 55 Uranus are fantastic, and the interior seems to follow suit: 3 bed, 2 bath, a den described as "cozy" (a.k.a. "small", but we'll take it), fireplace, library, w-t-w carpeting (slightly worrisome; pictures don't help), skylights, granite counter, two decks, in-closet W/D units, and a "deep rear garden."

There's an "added bonus of legal 2nd unit, rented mo. to mo. at $1,600." Which seems like it could well be more of a pain than a bonus; not everyone wants to share their property with a renter. Also, we can't tell for sure, but we're guessing that this unit's space is indeed folded into the total size of the house--less room for the new owners (at least 'til you evict). Wait a minute— did we just quote "deep rear garden?" Uranus, indeed. Let the jokes commence.
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