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Keep Reaching For The Stars You Crazy, Delusional Renters

The wackiest posts on Craigslist could well be the ones written by people who should know better. Take this married couple. They convincingly claim to be "responsible," and "financially secure", "employed," "debt-free," and to "always pay [their] rent on time." Also "nonsmoking," and "respectful tenants" to boot. Then these awfully grounded people turn all "Craigslist" and seem to think that there's such a place as a 2-bedroom house for less than $2,100. Perhaps an apartment in one of those desired 'hoods, but a house? With no in-laws? "Updated and well-appointed"? With all sorts of amenities? Then the kicker: "Bonuses like nice views and extra rooms would be lovely but we're not expecting them." Oh, well thanks for meeting all those prospective landlords halfway. They get an "A" for effort and another "A" for setting themselves for disappointment. Wake up, sleepyheads. Self-marketing will only go so far.
· $2100 Married Couple Seeking 2BR House to Rent [Craigslist; housing wanted]