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Hooked on a Feeling: San Francisco Emotion Map

[Ah, the perils of biomapping. Good times courtesy (and somebody in the Mission)]

Boing Boing's Joel Johnson alerted us to the "San Francisco Emotion Map," one of several similar charts created by self-described artist, lecturer, designer and cultural activist Christian Nold. After rigging participants with a contraption that monitors their Galvanic Skin Response (GSR)— an indicator of a person's emotional response to a given geographic place— Nold sends them on their merry way. Data culled from the device is analyzed and combined to form a map that tells it like it really is (or at least, how it feels). It takes a brave man to track the psychic states of 99 San Franciscans, but that's exactly what Nold did over a series of 5 workshops held back in April at Southern Exposure gallery: teams of biomappers combed through San Francisco, recording their adventures both biologically and with written notations (as seen above). Our take? Nold should've held out for the Folsom Street Fair.
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