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Two Little Tarts: 47 and 49 Iris Avenue

Luxury Laurel Flats boasts two recently renovated condos: 57 and 59 Iris Avenue, in Laurel Hill/ Western Addition. No. 57 is the alpha property, with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths on two levels. As per the usual, the unit is finished with a cornucopia of hardwood/ glass/ stone, contemporary hardware, and oversized bath tubs. A wood-burning fireplace doesn't hurt; nor does the fully landscaped and "sprinkled" garden. There is an integrated sound system throughout, along with a fully wired media room that leads in to the master suite which, naturally, has outdoor access. The crowning jewel: A 2-car garage. Occupying the top unit (read: roof terrace), 59 Iris has similar bells and whistles, 2 bedrooms, and 2 baths. 57 Iris Avenue is on the block for $1,799,000; No. 59, $1,349,000. Note that both are listed for $100K less on the property's website. The interiors suit our fancy well enough, regardless of the digitally enhanced photographs. (Aren't these colors just a bit saturated? On the other hand, isn't the thought of an agent fervently spray painting the topiaries before an open house so fun to entertain?)

Back to the matter at hand: Kitchen? Modern, but not overly so (note the presence of window panes). The bedrooms are spacious and light-filled, as are the bathrooms. Living room? We're suspicious of you, living room, with your cut-and-paste fireplace and perfect shadows. Garden, nice; rooftop deck, love it.

Though we're doubtful this bit of history proves a selling point, 57 Iris is just a few blocks away from the former Laurel Hill Cemetery, resting place of San Francisco's "best of" until its relocation to Colma in 1939-40. All ethical and supernatural concerns aside, this neighborhood strikes us as a classic professional enclave— a "finish med school, buy a house, and raise a family" kind of block. Keep looking though: both units are already under contract. Cruel, cruel world.

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"photographs" courtesy Jacob Eliot/ Sotheby's