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Future Forward: Curbed SF Challenge to Come

[Images courtesy Gizmodo, Pelli Clarke Pelli architects]

Earlier in the morning, we caught this video feature on Osaka, Japan's Umeda Sky Building, which is actually comprised of two 40-story skyscrapers that are joined by the world's highest escalators. Recalling the new San Francisco fire code, passed in September, that may allow oxygen to be ferried up new skyscrapers by unicorns fireproof elevators, we thought to ourselves "if San Francisco is going to take such a "visionary" approach to fire safety, why doesn't Pelli Clarke Pelli just do the escalator thing?" Eliminates claustrophobia and all. As non-practicing architects or engineers, we can get away with this brand of conceptual daydreaming, right? Maybe.

Why are we interrupting your peaceful lunch with our fantastical ramblings? Because we'd like to encourage you to do drop some acid put your creativity caps on. Over the past few days, we have alluded to a new Curbed SF challenge, we'll call it for now. While the big reveal is still to come, why don't you make a few free associations in the meantime: Vacant land. Architectural needs. Planning challenge. Rockets to the moon. Cash.
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