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MLS Misfiling: 26 Ridgewood Avenue

A nice-looking little stucco Victorian single family home, 26 Ridgewood Avenue is an AMAZING deal! They are only asking $2,350! Okay, obviously there's something else going on here. We thought that maybe this was a former (or current) crack den, but no— just a little naughtiness by the listing agent. It's a rental; the price refers to your monthly price for living there. That's forbidden, right? Maybe everyone was just totally caught up in yesterday's rental theme here on Curbed SF?

As far as a rental goes, it seems promising: near Balboa Park BART, 980 square feet, tandem parking, 2 beds, 1.5 baths, $2.40 per square foot (monthly) . . . and a $2,500 security deposit. A realtor contact of ours confirmed our suspicions that this just shouldn't be on the MLS— nothing like a public shaming to dissuade this kind of behavior. Demerit, issued.
· 26 Ridgewood Avenue [MLS]