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Snapped SF: Liebskind's Contemporary Jewish Museum

Snapped SF is a photographic essay on San Francisco featuring snaps that capture our fine city at its oddest angles and most overlooked moments. Today's photog is Flickr user and commercial photographer Kira Sugarman. Do you shoot and post? Join the Curbed SF paparazzi— we choose a new photog each and every time.

While the Contemporary Jewish Museum is now over 75% complete, this shot, taken back in May, captures the building from a unique vantage point— workers here are installing the blue panels that now cover Daniel Liebskind's design, based on the Hebrew word "l'chaim" or "to life." Holding mixed feelings about his Berlin effort, we're truly looking forward to seeing this museum complete and installed with objects (the true test!).

Image courtesy Kira Sugarman/ the Contemporary Jewish Museum's Flickr group