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Housing Wanted: The Renter's Shill

Curbed SF theme of the day? Rent, and those who pay it. To that end, we're going to do what we can to help you renters out! In perusing the "Housing Wanted" list on Craigslist, we noticed that all too many of you market yourselves as if you were looking for a date, not a roommate. Personal photographs? Present. Confessions of all kinds? Check. Blatant public admission of drug possession/ use or other illegal activities? Yes. While the quest for a roommate has taken the form of online dating, the "singles mixer" style event is still in effect. Thus, for the truly desperate— or rather, discerning— tomorrow night, the Phoenix Bar & Irish Gather House (811 Valencia Street) will host Flatmate Meetup, a real life social event for those who'd rather bypass the Craig altogether (RSVP here). Off you go, Luddites. For the rest of us 2.0-ers, let's help a few brothers and sisters out:

$850 Hey! Fun normal dude moving from NYC to SF, looking for share. "I don't smoke ciggs (unless tipsy at a bar), I never take the party home, don't do any hard drugs, steal food, or go crazy. I'm also responsible with my bills and such. ... I eat meat, and I'm a straight guy BTW..32. I don't have a car, or any critters I like art, creating music, and bikes, hiking, doing stuff, and LOVE SF." [Craigslist; Housing Wanted] Endearing, or douchy? What kind of points does one score by posting one's baby pic to the 'Housing Wanted' section on Craigslist?

$600 dog and her girl seek shelter (santa cruz)
"L.A. refugees seeking a kinder existence. Local references will attest: mature, fastidiously clean, self-supporting, bread baking, cookie making, artistic duo. Ginger the dog sleeps and sleeps some more (being 7 years old) until we get to the dog beach. . . Mostly self-employed (see: with part time employment lining up, the human element, Lesley has perfect credit and always pays on time." [Craigslist; Housing Wanted]

Chill outgoing video gamer seeks place to live in the sun (mission district)
"I am open to both Bohemian and Professional lifestyles since I see myself as a mix of both. I can live well with either guys or ladies. Please be someone who can pay their own bills on time. I don't want to be stuck with having to pay for someone else's rent. Being a social person myself, I would like to live with other people who enjoy going outside and mingling with other people." [Craigslist; Housing Wanted] Note: while we didn't love the photo accompanying this post enough to run it, we did love that this bohemian professional lists the full names and telephone numbers for all of his current roommates. Nice touch.