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Mysteries in Home Decor: 55 Sheridan Street

[55 Sheridan Street will not be compared to other rooms!]

Readers, are you dialed in to Apartment Therapy SF's "I've Got Color" fall color contest? Well, you should be. It's a nationwide competition wherein readers submit photographs that showcase the use of color in their own homes. (Prizes, by the way, top out at $2,500.) Not only does AT:SF amass a killer collection of interior design porn through this contest, but in today's case, it also slipped another piece into the following puzzle. (Warning: sexy— and rare— confluence of architecture, real estate, and decor-related rumors ahead.)

In perusing the contest's homepage a while back, we were delighted to find that 55 Sheridan Street, the much talked about SoMa loft/studio, was in the running— we instantly recalled our initial opinion that the splash of purple added a spot of cheer to an otherwise cool, and even ominous-feeling space. While checking in with AT:SF today, however, our hawk eyes searched the ballot over once, then twice to find that 55 Sheridan Street is now conspicuously absent from the list. Our minds immediately wondered back about a month or so, right around the time of the AIA home tours. Didn't we hear a twitter or two about a tiff between the owners and other involved parties? And wasn't it about the use of color? Fact: 55 Sheriden has dropped out of the running. Now which one of you knows why?
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