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A Very Convenient Truth: St. Regis Residence on Sale

Now here's a marketing pitch: Al and Tipper Gore first heard of his Nobel Prize win while at their condo in the St. Regis Hotel, where the two returned following a evening of floor-working and other politically motivated social rituals. Enjoying a hard earned session in front of the boob tube, Gore recognized his name in an otherwise all-Norwegian broadcast of the awards ceremony. When applause followed and the phone began ringing, it was confirmed. Al Gore, what a man.

For $3.75M asking, you, too, can live in proximity to greatness, as a corner unit just beneath the Gores opened up a few days ago. Standard luxury bells and whistles. 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, 2027 square feet at $1, 850 per. HOA dues $2356.07 per month—and don't even think about rounding that check down to the nearest dollar. No. 33A is a corner unit, and thus proffers massive windows and spectacular views. Money doesn't buy taste though, so go easy on the flair, eh? Decor shouldn't be dangerous. (Not like this, at least.)

· Life at the St. Regis []
· 188 Minna Street # 33A [MLS]

Images courtesy the MLS