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MLS 2.0: Rebirth of a Search Engine

The San Francisco MLS. Not the most efficient database out there now, is it? For example: Rather than (or in addition to) searching by the number of parking spots a property has (chances are, few-to-none) wouldn't it be so useful to suss out listings by key words, such as "Victorian" or "Eichler" ? And doesn't it seem logical that prospective home buyers, agents, and bloggers alike may be interested in multiple locations throughout California? While our first wish is languishing somewhere among the RE fairies, there is a sprinkling of pixie dust floating about the second. As it turns out, the California Association of Realtors just approved a data-sharing initiative that would allow local associations to post their listings statewide while consolidating other similarly-minded projects that already exist throughout California. While many are supportive of the concept, some are still leery about the streamlining process. Others, such as the California MLSAlliance view the venture as direct business competition. We, of course, just want a well-oiled machine designed to suit our own purposes. Ha!
· California Realtors approve plan for statewide database and MLS [Inman News]