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For Educational Purposes Only: GG Bridge Claims Corporate Scaleback

The people have spoken! Citing "public concern," the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway, and Transportation District will consider "scaling back" their proposed corporate sponsorship program, which is nevertheless expected to net between $3 to $4M yearly. According to the original plan, an undisclosed amount of so-called "interpretive signs" would be placed at the visitors center. Interpretive signs— yes, of the sort one finds in a museum or on a historical site. These plaques, however, will bear a corporate logo beneath their "educational" spiel. Laughably enough, bridge district spokeswoman Mary Currie blames the whole uprising on public "confusion" over the signs, which aren't nearly the same as billboards or banners, she insists. Patronizing? Just a little. While the new proposal limits the number of signs to be placed at the center, it will also consider creating a "recognition wall" at the visitors area to honor sponsors. (Brass plaques? Men on horses? You bet.) Edward Bernays would be so proud!
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Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA