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Curbed Inside: Sales Update

[Contrary to popular belief, we do, in fact, heart the Mint Collection]

From the Curbed Inside recon team, here's a quick sales update on the sites we have visited thus far. We just can't take our hard hats off! (Nor, arguably, should we.) Consider this post a teaser of sorts, as we'll be revealing more, more, more construction porn in the coming days and weeks. Not to mention the staged stuff, too!

Minty freshness! The Mint Collection has just 10 units left, with 42 out of 52 sold.

(42 - 52 = 10) All of that fretting over the neighborhood, for what? At The Infinity, 257 out of 365 units are in contract. That's 75%, for those of you who don't do the maths. Must be those white cabinets . . . The Hayes is coming along, up about 5% (since our last update) to 59 units in contract out of 111 total. Arterra is hovering at 40%, with 110 units in contract. Brownfields? Hmmm . . . We do know, however, that all of the prime cuts are long gone. · Curbed Inside: Mint Collection [Curbed SF]
· Curbed Inside: The Infinity [Curbed SF]
· Curbed Inside: The Hayes [Curbed SF]
· Curbed Inside: The Arterra [Curbed SF]

Thanks to Mark Choey of SF New Developments for the numbers

The Hayes

55 Page Street, San Francisco, CA


300 berry street, San Francisco, CA