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CurbedWire: All About Urban Planning

It began a few weeks back with the Downtown Outreach Program. Then came the bicycles and congestion taxes. Yesterday, it was parking and propositions. The subjects of homelessness and property value, emissions and parking: we've been debating this stuff for a good, long while— nothing new here. And yet as real estate bleeds into land, streets, stop lights, and parking, urban planning absorbs all of the messy stuff, year after year. Give it up for planners! Curbed SF is about to give urban planning its due share in the coming weeks and months, as developments, well, develop, and the city moves towards a series of votes that will impact the way we all experience the city. Think planning, people, as we're about to launch a very special homage to the subject— one that involves you! Are we being vague? Until tomorrow, yes, we are. Cope.

Image courtesy SPUR, whose Silver Spur Awards Luncheon invitation provided us with the image above. The event takes place on Monday, November 5th; both sponsorship and tickets are available, so act now!