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8 Kronquist Court: Proof in the Details?

Back for a guest post, please welcome our former Editor and intrepid home tour guide, Philip Ferrato . . .

We had a look inside 8 Kronquist Court finally, both out of curiosity about the renovation plus wondering why the house remains unsold. Well-priced and renovated houses in this price range have been flying off the shelves like little breads. It's a good-looking renovation of a 1940's spec house, including some great features like the ground floor media room/ den and a bedroom opening out to a bamboo filled garden. There are also craptastic moments of detailing— where the kitchen counter collides with a light switch, for instance, the sloppy paint job, and some less-than-brilliant tilework. For $2,295,000, or more than $1K per square foot, it's proving a bit of a leap. Even the realtor on duty the day we toured was muttering skeptically about the price, though SocketSite recently reported that lease-purchase options are being considered by the developer/renovator— which probably means they've already turned down discounted offers for this very cool house. Oh, and the stairway? Fabulous.

[The rear yard of 8 Kronquist Court. Room for chickens!]

[more room for chickens!]

[The retractable skylight gives access to the roof deck and photovoltaic cells. We like how minimal the railings are.]
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