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Shocking: Presidio Lodge Will Seek LEED Designation

The Presidio's been without overnight accommodations since 1994, and Presidio Trust Board of Directors' plans to rectify that have taken one more step forward. The board has contracted with Larkspur Hotels and Restaurants to redevelop the historic Main Post—which the trust calls "the heart of the Presidio," and build a new lodge. Per Craig Middleton, Presidio Trust Executive Director, "every great national park has a great lodge."

Of course, most "great national parks" aren't encompassed by a major metropolis chock-full of hotels that are about a five-minute drive away. But, redundancy aside, if they can make a little money off of folks visiting the Presidio's 1,491 acres (out-of-town visitors of Lucasfilm employees perhaps?), well, then, power to them. See, Congress mandated the park be financially self-sufficient by 2013, and that's pretty close in relative terms.

While the whole damned park is a protected National Historic Landmark District, management wants to make it clear that it's going to honor today's San Francisco sensibilities as well as the past. Larkspur "intends to use sustainable practices and materials on the project and will seek a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating." Well, whew. We were a touch worried for a second, there.
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Image via The Presidio Trust