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CurbedWire: Parking, Parking, Parking

SAN FRANCISCO—Though we certainly haven't set aside "homeless" or "housing," the word of the day today was "parking." Drivers, cyclists, and peds alike: everyone has a (very strong) opinion on this subject— and rightly so. Here on Curbed SF, we a nice little conversation on the subject this morning. On SocketSite, readers tended to skirt other topics in favor of the 'ole park job. Ah, Friday... Not to be excluded from the fun, the San Francisco Sentinel issued grave traffic warnings for the weekend. Folks are even flipping out in Santa Cruz, where a new ordinance has been extended from banning public assemblies in parking garages to forbidding them in public parking lots as well. Major impact on the drum circles, no doubt. Otherwise, San Franciscan politicians engaged in usual pre-election wickedness, shipping off shifty mailers on MUNI reform measures. Weekend... Now!