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PBS Goes Green: Brad "Celebutect" Pitt on San Francisco

TGIF, San Francisco. Word is out that actors Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt will be narrating the second season of PBS series "e2: the economics of being environmentally conscious." This season will focus on— you guessed it— sustainability, and those leading the charge toward eco-consciousness. Mr. Freeman (that voice ...) will be narrating the bit on energy, speaking with politicians, economists, and professors alike. Mr. Pitt, however— contain yourselves now— will be waxing on design. And Morphosis architect Thom Mayne. And thus, the San Francisco Federal Building.

All celebrity gossip aside, PBS is promising a bang up season, the first episode of which airs TONIGHT. Viewers may zone in for free on the e2 website for this one only. A full schedule of Webcasts is also available there; check them out before the official PBS release, as they'll be pay-per-view thereafter. Now won't this series trump our YouTube Morphosis homage from a few weeks back?
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