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Eater Tastings: Rumors, Fires, and Victories, Oh My!

We love Eater SF; Eater SF loves us. 'Nuff said. Happy Friday.

1) Don't you know that we did some recon work on the Infinity's upcoming restaurant during our tour? Space = MASSIVE (2 stories!) Fire up your imaginations, as though no contracts have been signed yet, they are in talks with a "name-brand San Francisco chef." One thing that's certain, a cafe hawking casual fare and prepared foods will definitely sit on the corner of Folsom and Main Streets (see behind street lamp in above photo). Now about that white cabinetry...

2) Serious bummer. Tenderloin landmark Original Joe's took a hit from a kitchen fire today; unfortunately, the flames spread to the motel above. Evacuations, madness, 2 treated for smoke inhalation. This puts a damper on opening week for the newly opened Fish & Farm, right up the street in the Mark Twain Hotel. Original Joe's will likely remain closed for a week or two— get this— because of water damage. Damn rain.

3) Score one for the old school! After formally filing a complaint with the city yesterday, waterfront mainstay Java House has won its appeal, which means that the Port of San Francisco must honor the original reconfigured lease agreement, not the outrageous 500% rent increase from late summer. (Yes, 500%. No typo.) Are we sensing some— gasp!— support for small business here?